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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
Law of November weight change
The original post from November 4, 2005, is here. The "law" was part of a preview of that year's Iowa team and went like this:

BONUS! Wonk's Law of November weight change!
There is much talk in Iowa City this preseason to the effect that a sassy new-look slimmed-down Greg Brunner is ready to display more quickness this year.

Indeed, every November brings with it talk of offseason weight changes. This year is no different....

Erek Hansen has put on weight on that's a good thing. Rich McBride of Illinois has lost weight and that's a good thing. D.J. White of Indiana has put on weight and that's a good thing.

It's always a good thing, is it not? And thus....

The Wonk law of November weight change: Any offseason weight change, whether a gain or a loss, is without exception held to be good in November.

As for Brunner, whether or not his weight change is good depends on where he plays. Granted, he was slow last season and that had the potential to make him a defensive liability. (Indeed, your intrepid blogger observed this very fact in action and commented on it last January.) And, besides, if Brunner really is to get out on the perimeter at times this year, losing a few pounds won't hurt him.

But if Brunner continues to play in the paint, someone has to explain to me why we're all happy about this. (He's a 4--let him eat!)

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