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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
POT: perimeter-oriented team
Here's the original post from last year. One point I suggested was that shooting a lot of threes decreases a team's offensive rebounds.

With a year to look more closely at teams inside and outside the Big Ten, I would now add that this is not a straight-line inverse relationship. Iowa last year, to take one example, rarely shot threes but that didn't stop them from putting up fairly anemic offensive rebounding numbers anyway.

Rather (insert Levon Helm voice here), there would appear to be a demon in the sky out there at about 40. Devoting more than 40 percent of your shots to threes can bring great rewards but also entails some risk. Specifically, shooting that many threes puts your offensive rebounding in jeopardy.

(Re: putting your offensive rebounding in jeopardy. Watch for a future post, likely citing Colorado in 2006, along the lines of: so what?)

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