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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Hug your beat writer
#9 in a series of last-day posts

I don't know what the near future holds for sports coverage but I do know that, because people will continue to be interested in the games, relatively small numbers of credentialed professionals will continue to be granted access to report on these sporting events. It's a challenging job done under tremendous time pressure. And it's essential.

As one with a blog, I had the freedom to remark on one or maybe two things that I found interesting. And I could pretty much take as long as I wanted to do so. Yay, me. But if I were called upon to provide the comprehensive after-the-fact summary for those who might not have seen the game, and told I needed to get it done in X minutes, well, I would not be your best bet for such a service. I've lost count of the number of times I've hit "publish" on a post, turned to a game recap, and slapped my forehead, saying: d'oh! I meant to say something about that.

Hard-toiling beat writers, Wonk salutes you! You fell the trees so that the rest of us might argue about what to plant.

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