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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Later, Wonk
#10 in a series of last-day posts

This blog had a good run: three seasons, 593 posts, and some page views by you all. The busiest month was this past March. The busiest day, February 21, 2006.

For reasons I still don't understand, I spent the first season writing in the third person, with the result that I now feel an actual physical shudder when I have to reach back into the archives to pull up something from 04-05. (Wonk says: he never should have pitched his prose in that way. He now finds it far too odd.)

Season 2 witnessed the full-force arrival of tempo-free stats. If you delve into the archives under, say, November 2005 and find yourself thinking there may have been moments when the numbers were so abundant that they got in the way, you're not alone. I think so too.

And then season 3: I was perfect in every way. First-person voice, balanced number-word ratio, modesty, the works.

The best part of doing this was the surprises it brought in the email. I heard from some Big Names and that was fun. But the other 99 percent of the email came from names I didn't recognize at first. Many of those names have since become highly valued email peeps
a republic of pixels, sort of. Nice republic, that.

And with that, I guess I should be going. For you see my sister-in-law (a past guest star) has saluted me for getting out before I jump the shark with this thing. (I hadn't realized that the danger was so near.)

In any event, I had a good time here. Hope you did too. Please watch for a referral here to my new digs.


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