Big Ten Wonk
Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Wonked out...for good
As previously announced, today is the last day for Big Ten Wonk (though not for John Gasaway).

So here are 11 valedictory posts, in honor of the conference that's given me a title and a topic for three seasons.

1. There was a national championship game last night
2. The Big Ten is better than people who link to me say it is
3. Funky stats: don't wait for the revolution, it's already here
4. Leave the tournament the way it is
5. Regress your view of your coach toward the mean
6. Jane Austen, college basketball, and press conferences
7. Glance toward your blogger without hope or despair
8. Nod perfunctorily toward your columnist
9. Hug your beat writer
10. Later, Wonk
11. Yo, John

Enjoy. (In installments.)


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