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Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Jeez, lighten up, Flanders
Published last month but worth circling back for: during a Q&A between the Des Moines Register and Steve Alford, the Iowa coach was asked about lessons learned from his father, a longtime high school coach:

Q: Did you and your father share pregame superstitions?

A: We’re a family of faith, not superstitions.

Can someone please clue Wonk in?
Same interview:

Q: Will you comment on rumors about a rift in your marriage that have been rampant on the Internet for the past four months?

A: Questioning what we do X and O, questioning why we get this recruit versus passing on that recruit - that's open game; that's part of being a fan. Just flat-out spreading lies about a family is another thing.


Q: How did the rumors begin?

A: I’ve heard hot tub rumors, and doggone it, I wish Tanya and I would get in the hot tub more. I haven't done a very good job this summer of keeping the hot tub running. It's crazy, the rumors. I feel more for Tanya because she's such an incredible coach's wife. We're a big family of faith. It's biblically sound that when you get closer to your destiny, and you get closer to really fulfilling what your purpose in life is all about, that's when the enemy is at its strongest. That's what we're going through. If we weren't close to fulfilling our purpose of why we're in the coaching profession, then the enemy wouldn't be so close.

The rumors were started by people with bad marriages, (who) are unhappy with their jobs - all the things that are not spiritually based, all the things Tanya and I have. We're spiritually based, we're happy with our job, we're happy with our family. When you're not - you try to tear other people down. We know we're getting close to our purpose and our destiny because the enemy's at full force, and that's what's exciting.

What in the Tom Davis is he talking about? Hot tub rumors? And “the enemy’s at full force”? What’re you, David Koresh?

Undefeated in the Matta era
Ohio State held Robert Morris to .322 shooting from the field, including 3-of-17 on their three's, en route to an 82-50 victory last night in the second round of the Guardians Classic. The 2-0 Buckeyes will play in the Classic's semifinals in Kansas City on Tuesday night, I don't know who they'll be playing, actually. If you can tell from this bracket please let me know.

Which begs the question: just how bad is Western Carolina?
Coming off a 78-63 victory over Western Carolina the previous evening, Penn State lost to South Carolina State last night, 63-43, in the fifth-place game (you read that correctly--there was a fifth-place game) of the Black Coaches Association Classic in Milwaukee. Link here.

Dan Rather Award for late arrival at a story
Awarded in the event of blinding-flashes-of-the-obvious ("Gee, maybe these aren't authentic documents!") being phrased as precious nuggets of hard-earned sagacity.

Today's winner is Seth Davis of, who
offers up the following: "I realize Dee Brown is a fabulous player who gets most of the hype for Illinois, but Deron Williams is the guy who makes that team go." Wonk salutes Seth's dogged efforts to bring too-long-delayed attention and acclaim to a player who was selected by both the media and the conference coaches as the Big Ten's Preseason Player of the Year.

BONUS non-hoops note
Even coming off Saturday's devastating loss to Michigan State, Wisconsin football coach Barry Alvarez continues to eerily resemble Clemenza from "The Godfather," a resemblance Wonk has noted before. Wonk warning: Don't take a ride to get mattresses with Alvarez.

In today's less Wonk-ish venues....
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel columnist Dale Hoffman surveys this year's Wisconsin roster and concludes the "words that best describe this team are 'numerous' and 'large.'" (Wonk thinks Hoffman means "deep," unless Bo Ryan has resorted to dressing 32 players.) The Badgers defeated Division III Wisconsin-Platteville 78-44 in an exhibition last night; links here, here, and here.

Lansing State Journal columnist Todd Schulz
says "the pieces are in place for a return to power" for Michigan State. "Problem is," Schulz continues, "we thought the same thing about virtually the same cast at this time a year ago."

Illinois coach Bruce Weber is recuperating nicely from an appendectomy performed on Monday; update
here. Luther-Head-led Illinois season at-a-glance preview from the Chicago Sun-Times here.

Purdue season preview

Miscellaneous Michigan notes

Indiana fans get a new round of answers to their questions in Terry Hutchens' excellent Q&A forum in the Indianapolis Star

example of what is quickly becoming a visual cliche: a picture of a Penn State basketball game occurring in front of many empty seats.

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