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Saturday, March 31, 2007
BONUS all-red edition! Why has capitalism failed me?
Note: the Final Four preview was yesterday.

This evening, like every year, I'll grit my teeth and watch the games, knowing that a certain analyst comes with the games as a multi-decade package deal.

I didn't do any big wacky gimme-hits torch-and-pitchfork post about that analyst this year and that's a departure from tradition. I guess I've had my say and now there's nothing to do but wait him out. (I feel like a Cuban waiting for Castro to taste the inevitable.)

But let me note one thing: I am genuinely baffled by this analyst's longevity. I thought the whole deal with capitalism was that we would sacrifice a gemeinschaft of communally maintained minimal amounts of food, shelter, health care, etc., in exchange for a dynamic and open-ended if sometimes unsettling and unfeeling gesellschaft of promise, potential, and pitfalls.

And yet here is this analyst, as solidly entrenched as any Ukrainian apparatchik circa 1951.

I don't get it. Is CBS some kind of Mondragon
-styled worker's cooperative?

Where oh where is a little creative destruction when you need it?

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